Me Developer. You friend.


Hi, my name is Bart Jedrocha. I am a software engineer with extensive practical experience in building web applications and services. Devmatic is my own little corner of the web.

Want to know more?

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from McMaster University and a Diploma in Computer Engineering from Humber College. I have worked in the Web Industry for the past 10 years, building a wide range of scalable, real-world web applications using modern technologies like Ruby on Rails, Node, and React. When not hacking behind a computer screen, I love spending my time outdoors running, biking, or canoeing. I currently live and work in Hamilton, Ontario.

If you're interested in knowing more about my technical skills, experience, or education, check out my resume or feel-free to contact me.

Why Devmatic?

I created Devmatic to help represent the professional aspect of my life. I hope to use this space to document my adventures in software as well as to highlight some of my projects.